As parents, our goal is to provide the best possible life for our children. By sending your child to the JDS, you are setting them on a path towards excellence. Your child will receive a world-class secular education as well as a superior Jewish education, giving your child the knowledge and confidence enabling valuable leadership skills crucial to a successful future. If the past is a prologue to the future, check out what some of our outstanding alums have achieved post JDS education, including attendance at Ivy League colleges and other top schools, being leaders in industry, medicine, education, and more.

Many cite their JDS education as a major factor in their decision to lead lives as vibrant, knowledgeable, committed, confident citizens.

The structured educational program at the JDS -- with small classes; high faculty to student ratio; a warm, embracing, family atmosphere and a safe and secure environment -- is designed to ensure that each child flourishes intellectually, socially and emotionally, and that no one is left behind. 

Our dual curriculum in secular and Judaic studies allows students to not only develop critical thinking skills in their core classes but also to develop a passion for and understanding of our own Jewish People, our religion and our Culture. Our students are further pushed to reach their academic potential by immersing themselves in a third language, Spanish.    

Graduates of the JDS also demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards the needs of the larger society. Thanks to the skills and traits developed at our school, and our emphasis on moral excellence, students leave with an unparalleled commitment to helping others and serving as leaders in their business, in their profession, and in their community. 


Our graduates go on to excel in their high schools and prep schools, winning science fairs, Fulbright Awards, British Marshall Scholar, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Award, etc. They have also gone on to top colleges, including Harvard, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Hebrew University, Duke, Swarthmore, Yeshiva University, Bryn Mawr, etc. 
We invite you to check out bios of just a few of our many hundreds of JDS graduates over the past 65 years. We would be happy to put you in touch with our graduates, as well as with current students and families, so should you have any questions or concerns, you may ask them directly.

We'd like to reconnect with you.  You can play an integral role in creating a strong alumni network and in preserving our school's history and culture. With social media, we are all easily connected.  Look for the Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley page on Facebook.



See what some of our alumni are up to

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