Roots & Wings

The JDS is pleased to introduce you to JDS alumni with this series of profiles.


Good parents give their children Roots and Wings. Roots to know where home is,
Wings to fly away and exercise what’s been taught them.

– Dr. Jonas Salk Physician, Discovered Eponymous Vaccine For Polio

  • Carol Bub Fromer

    JDS alumna Carol Bub Fromer says, “I cannot recall a time in my life when I was not cognizant of my Jewish identity.” South African born, Carol’s parents immigrated to the US in 1977 and immediately enrolled her in the JDS.

  • Jason Toff

    It was announced recently that JDS alumnus Jason Toff will be inducted into the Parkland School District Education Foundation’s Wall of Honor, a program that recognizes career accomplishments, volunteer work, and having a positive impact on others.

  • Marc Levitt

    Marc Levitt has fond memories of the JDS. The circular pizzas stand out as a lunch favorite. He was an avid kickball player there, and

  • Larry Ufberg

    Larry Ufberg credits his parents, Eileen and Mickey, and the JDS with giving him a solid foundation and strong Jewish identity.

  • Noah Notis

    The Notis family has deep roots at the JDS and in our community. “Cooky” Notis was a beloved teacher at the JDS school until she retired -- and now has more time to spend with her husband Mike, children and grandchildren.

  • Tamar Juda

    Tamar Juda says she attributes her strong Jewish identity and deep connection to her faith to “the most amazing home life.” Her parents, Rabbi Allan and Toby Juda, provided for Tamar and her brothers the foundation on which each would build, and a key to this foundation was her education at the JDS.

  • Andrew Goldfarb

    Andy Goldfarb attended the JDS through fourth grade and says his fondest memory is of studying Torah with Rabbi Cohen – a pursuit the two continued in Goldfarb’s post-JDS days.

  • Aviva Sussman

    Aviva Sussman credits her parents with nurturing her Jewish identity. “It was a priority for them,” says Sussman, who attended the JDS from kindergarten-grade 6. “My mom focused on the spiritual aspect and my dad on the tribal, familial aspects of Judaism. I really appreciate how they gave us [brother Adam and sister Abby] the opportunities to explore the beautiful and engaging spectrum of Judaism to find our own comfort zones.”