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Cindee Belman
Helene Benzel
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Scott Brenner
Karen Cooper
Eileen Fischmann
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Elaine Papir
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Milton Sheftel, Board Mentor
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Message from the President

The concept of community is interwoven into the very fabric of Jewish culture. We Jews have survived for thousands of years in our own land as well as in the Diaspora, not simply as individuals, but through the strength of community. Our community’s vitality comes from a collaboration of individuals standing together as we nourish the roots of our community and flourish.


The Jewish Day School has been an essential part of this collaboration in our community for more than 60 years.  We are gratified that the Federation, the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Service, the synagogues and the Rabbis and Cantors, recognize and affirm this concept of collaboration, mutual respect and support. Working together as collegial partners, we share in a wealth of knowledge and understanding, counseling and support, Yiddishkeit and tradition. Community leadership, generosity and commitment to education strengthens our entire community.


The importance of immersive Jewish education provided by day schools cannot be overstated. It is a key component in our robust inclusive Lehigh Valley Jewish community. The children we educate today are our future lay leaders, supporters, and philanthropists. Our children are our greatest advocates for a Jewish Day School education.


2019-2020 Board of Directors

Educational VP: Jessica Cooperman
Development VP: Carah Tenzer
Treasurer/Financial VP: Art Hochhauser
Recording Secretary: Moshe Markowitz
Administrative VP: Danielle Kroo

2019-2020 Board Members

Pam Abrams
Marc Berson
Kira Bub
Zac Cohen
Eric Flesich
Dierdre Kamber-Todd
Josh Kroo
Eva Levitt
Aviva Marlin
Megan Pildis
Rabbi Seth Phillips
Dina Relles
Judith Rodwin
Michael Schlossberg
Carah Tenzer