Middle school Judaic studies program

Tanach program

Tanach program emphasizes themes and concepts as well as content and core topics in Bibical and Rabbinic texts, they ate studied in original Hebrew and in English translation. In the Tanach classes we cover various themes throughout the Bible, Prophets and writing.


The Rabbinic Literature

The Rabbinic Literature courses survey topics including Jewish Values, Tefilah and trope.



Trope course aims to teach the students the musical cantillation notes for reading the Torah.

Jewish History

Jewish History course aims to provide students with an in-depth, inspiring and relevant historical understanding of Jewish experience, from biblical times to the contemporary, postmodern Jewish world. This critical historical presentation is used to assist students in understanding and appreciating the development of Jewish tradition, liturgy, beliefs, institutions, the diversity and commonality of the Jewish people of the world, their relationships with civilizations and the effect those civilizations had and continue to have on the Jewish people.


The Jewish History curriculum is also designed to guide and assist students in the development of  positive self- image and strong Jewish values, teaching them to respect and appreciate religious and cultural diversity and to ensure awareness for the Jewish individual’s responsibility in their own community as well as the world at large.


We also focus on the development of skills specific to critical study of history, such as primary source analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.



Parashah, Chagim and Tefilah curriculum



Parashah our students are encouraged to “live with the times”, to experience the Torah portion of the week in their lives through our weekly Parashah classes. Students learn how to navigate the parashah and prepare Divrei Torah (short Torah speeches) to communicate the ideas they study in class. Parashah is studied on weekly basis.



Chagim the Talmud relates that it is mitzvah to study (shoalim v’dorshim) the laws of each Jewish holiday thirty days before the festival. At the JDS we strive to prepare students for festivals by communicating and analyzing their meanings and observances. Informal education program not only serve to solidify what is studies in the classroom, but also bring the spirit of the holidays on campus.



Tefilah the goal of the Tefilah program is for students to be prepared for a life of personal and communal prayer. Students engage in a daily Tefilah program which not only aims to be positive, spiritual experience, but also teaches students the actual prayers, with a focus on correct pronunciation and meaning of the words.