The Jewish Day School participates in the Partnership2Gether program of the Jewish Federation of the Lehigh Valley and the Jewish Agency for Israel which connects the Jewish community of the Lehigh Valley with residents of the Yoav Regional Council in Israel.  We are part of a global network of 45 communities; these links are crucial in strengthening ties and enhancing the relationships between our communities at home and in Israel. 

The partnership initiates face-to-face encounters with members of the Israeli community of Yoav, and with their way of life, encourages the community members to look into, and deepen, their bond with the Jewish people and Israel and serves as an incubator for developing ideas and initiatives in education, Jewish identity and community.

School Twinning Project

The School Twinning Project, a partnership between Sdot Yoav School in Israel and Jewish Day School Middle School students, helps to build connections. Thanks to multiple modes of technology -- email, Skype, blogs, and online games -- our students can learn together, get to know about each others homes and families, communicating in both Hebrew and in English.  

They even celebrate holidays together. For Passover they wrote a joint Haggadah and, via Skype, conducted a model seder.  For Purim, they exchanged mishloach manot.  


Our teachers work together to develop and implement units and share ideas.  We were pleased to host a teachers' delegation from Yoav at Chanukah.


The culmination of the planned 4 year cycle for our JDS participants is an 8th grade graduation trip to Yoav to meet their Israeli student partners and families.  



Rosh HaShanah Greetings from Sdot Yoav students

Teachers' Delegation

Teachers from Yoav visited our school. They worked together with our teachers and spent time in classrooms on all grade levels.

Chanukah with the Yoav Teachers' Delegation


Mishloach Manot from Yoav