• Mission statement

    The Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley is a community school that is dedicated to a holistic approach to education. We are devoted to the development of bright, confident students with a strong American and Jewish identity who are well prepared to meet the world. The school combines a well-rounded general studies curriculum, a richly fortified Jewish education and a deep commitment to the land and people of Israel.

The Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley provides an extraordinary education for students. We integrate general studies with Hebrew & Judaic studies. Students learn to think critically through a variety of lenses and learning experiences. JDS students acquire the knowledge, confidence and skills to move successfully on to new schools, to be thought leaders, and to contribute to their communities.


Our inter-disciplinary approach prepares students to think about their world through the multiple perspectives. They are equally proficient at writing, practicing scientific experimentation, studying Jewish and literary texts,  speaking Hebrew, engaging with the Arts, developing healthy bodies, and much more.  Our outstanding faculty and solid curriculum facilitates learning experiences that encourage critical thinking and problem solving. 


A true community day school, the JDS is home to a unique community within the greater Lehigh Valley Jewish community.  All of our families, regardless of their backgrounds or denominational affiliations, feel at home. We value diversity of thought both inside and outside of the classroom and teach our students to understand varying perspectives, articulate different positions, and engage in respectful discourse.


Respect, responsibility, effort, and kindness are the principles that guide our day to day lives at the JDS.  Our students are kind, compassionate, and thoughtful individuals who are are primed to contribute to shaping the Jewish community of the 21st century, putting the values learned in study into practice in and out of school.