Tali Lando Aronoff, M.D.

Tali Lando, M.D. has enough credentials by education, and by rigorous life experience to write a book, which she has done: "Hell and Back: Wife and Mother, Dr. and Patient, Dragon Slayer", based upon her experience as a young mother, Pediatric ENT surgeon, Cornell Medical graduate, and a young survivor of advanced breast cancer. This inspirational mother of three girls, an enthusiastic scuba diver, finds the time for family, surgical practice, and uplifting others. Tali found inspiration in her JDS education, to not only cope with her rigorous academic regimen at Columbia College, with a BA in Neuroscience, followed by Cornell Medical, but to be inspired to help patients, family, and friends, with facing the stark reality of breast cancer at a young age, and to help them to understand the realities of facing this disease at a young age.