The Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley is honored to be able to rededicate one of the more than 1,000 Torah scrolls that survived the Holocaust, and we are proud to pass its legacy on to our children. The Torah was originally from the Jewish community of Přerov, Czechoslovakia but was taken by the Nazis and warehoused with other Jewish treasures. After the war, and the devastation of Czechoslovakia’s Jewry, the scroll was recovered by the Memorial Scrolls Foundation in London and eventually placed at Gershman Y in Philadelphia, PA. When the Y announced that it would close its doors in 2018, the Torah scroll was going to be left homeless – until, through the generous support of the Ticho family, the JDS was able to offer it a new home, and a new life, here in the Jewish community of the Lehigh Valley.

Please join us as we welcome this Torah scroll into our community and rededicate it, and ourselves, to lives enriched by Jewish tradition. Jewish education offers us the means to keep our Torah, and the values it teaches us, alive and vibrant for generations to come. Each of us shares in the responsibility to pass this education on to our children. Your gift to the JDS Torah Fund will help keep an education grounded in Jewish values alive and vibrant here at our school and throughout our community.

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