Statement of Purpose
  • Proper appearance and dress enhances the educational environment at the JDS. 
  • Dignified attire imbues students with a sense of pride and self worth.
  • The JDS uniform creates a positive feeling of school spirit.
  • The uniform allows students to focus on means of creativity and self-expression other than clothing.  
  • A modest dress code tends to eliminate student preoccupation with external appearance in favor of greater focus on respect, responsibility, effort and kindness.


The JDS Uniform 

All students are required to wear an approved school uniform Monday through Friday for the entire day. The school uniform will consist of the items as outlined below.


Clothing Guidelines  
  • All crested shirts may be either long- or short-sleeved polo shirts.
  • Shirts must be worn tucked in.
  • Students may wear last year’s white crested shirts, although a new crest has been adopted for JDS uniforms.
  • All shorts, dresses, and skirts may be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Please be cognizant of length requirement when shopping! 
  • No jumpers, wrap skirts, or skirts with slits
  • No denim, sweat pants, cargo pants
  • Uniforms that are dirty, torn, excessively large or wrinkled, or are inappropriately tight are unacceptable.


Shabbat, Holidays and/or other events:

All students must wear a white crested shirt and dark bottoms for holidays, Fridays and / or other events.

Kippah (Yarmulke)   

While in school, on school grounds, or on school field trips and school-related events, all male students are required to wear a kippah that is neat, clean, and does not bear any inappropriate words or symbols. 


When outside for play and sports, appropriate head coverings other than a kippah may be worn.  On field trips, head coverings appropriate to the event may be worn, subject to the discretion of the administration. Extra kippot should be sent to school and kept in a boy’s desk or book bag.  As a courtesy, the school office will issue a kippah to a child or visitor who needs one. It is recommended that kippot should not be recycled, and should not be shared among students.

Lower School:  Pre-K – 4th Grade

Monday through Thursday: 

  • Navy or khaki, flat front or pleated, uniform style pants, shorts, or skirts; light blue polo shirt with navy JDS crest; OR light blue polo dress with navy crest for girls                            


Fridays and Special Occasions: 

  • Navy, flat front or pleated, uniform style pants, shorts, or skirts; white polo shirt with navy JDS crest
Middle School:  5th – 8th Grade 

Monday through Thursday:   

  • Navy or khaki, flat front or pleated, uniform style pants, shorts, or skirts; navy polo shirt with white JDS crest; OR navy polo dress with white crest for girls


Fridays and Special Occasions:

  • Navy, flat front or pleated, uniform style pants,   skirts, shorts, or skirts; white polo shirt with navy JDS crest


Field Trip Attire

Students are required to wear their regular school uniforms, even on field trips, unless otherwise specified on permission slips. If alternate Field Trip attire is specified, students will be required to wear red JDS crested t-shirts and JDS-crested baseball caps.


Uniform Vendors

All polo shirts and dresses must have school crest. Logo-crested attire may be purchased from Lands' End.


At Lands' End, the JDS logo number for crested shirts is:  1358295. Click on the UNIFORMS tab and enter our school name to view all approved/acceptable attire.  


Approved uniform bottoms (pants, skirts, shorts) are also available on our Lands End website; however, they may be purchased at other vendors provided they meet the JDS uniform guidelines. Pants, skirts, shorts that adhere to uniform guidelines may be found at local and online vendors such as: Target, Gap, Old Navy, Children’s Place, WalMart, Kmart, J.C. Penney, Kohls, frenchtoast.com.


Prices may vary depending on vendor. Parents can sign up for e-mail promotions from Land’s End and receive coupon codes/discounts via e-mail.

Accessories and Shoes
  • All hosiery (legging, tights, socks) must be solid color
  • Layering permitted underneath shirts must be white (i.e. white long sleeve shirt under crested shirt).
  • Sneakers must be worn for gym classes and are preferred on other days for playground safety. 
  • Heels may not be higher than two inches.
  • Flip flops are not permitted
  • Navy, uniform style cardigans or sweaters may be worn inside the school building. No crest required on cardigans/sweaters, and they can be purchased at any vendor.
  • Coats and jackets: Any style or color permitted while students are outside on school grounds


Discipline Procedure

If a student enters school not wearing an appropriate uniform, the parent/guardian will be called and asked to bring in a uniform. Student may be given a “loaner” shirt to be exchanged at the end of the school day. Multiple infractions will necessitate a meeting between a school administrator and the parent/guardian.


Parents/guardians and visitors are requested to show sensitivity to the school’s dress code by entering the school facility wearing clothing that is modest and in compliance with the general rules.  In keeping with the Jewish Day School tradition, male visitors are asked to wear a kippah while in the school.