Early Childhood Education

At the JDS, we believe that children develop cognitive and social skills through active involvement with their environment.

Our Early Childhood program, Pre-K (3 year olds), Pre-K Plus (4 year olds) and Kindergarten, helps children to navigate their surroundings and relationships, as well as to make sense of the world around them. The students learn by practicing many skills through a combination of guided teaching as well as open and structured play. By providing opportunities for our students to use all of their senses throughout the day, our students meet and exceed developmental benchmarks on a consistent basis.  

Our Judaic and Hebrew curriculum revolves around the lifecycle of the Jewish year, highlighted by extensive exploration and celebration of Shabbat and chagim (Jewish holidays), as well as an emphasis on the Hebrew letters and language. 

Through the General Studies program, acquisition of strong pre-reading, math and other academic skills are naturally woven into fabric of our curriculum through our developmentally appropriate approach to learning that prepares the children for Kindergarten. 

Small class sizes enable the faculty to cater to individual social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs, thereby ensuring the success of each child.


Pre-K Plus