Lower School



Our General Studies program continues to build on the content and skills of previous grades while introducing more sophisticated, developmentally appropriate strategies and approaches. Students learn to develop good work habits and a sense of personal responsibility. Language arts and mathematics are the core components of the program, and students also receive instruction in science, social studies, art, music, physical education and library.


Our Judaic Studies Program focuses on the appreciation of Jewish values, the development of a Jewish identity, and a love towards the State of Israel. Children learn to speak, read and write Hebrew and to recite daily prayers. Classes emphasize moral and ethical behavior, character development and civility (Derech Eretz). Students learn at an early age that they are part of a diverse Jewish family and community where every voice should be heard and respected.

Milestones include a Siddur Ceremony for First Graders and a Chumash Celebration for the Second Graders.